Ways to Avoid Virus Ransomware

Ways to Avoid Virus Ransomware

Many users who have been victims of ransomware virus attacks do not know how to deal with it. This attack is the result of visiting a website and/or possibly downloading a particular file which turns out to contain a ransomware virus. This ransomware is a type of malware that is very dangerous because the impact can make all user files encrypted if they are not willing to pay a certain amount of money. For users who have not been exposed to this dangerous virus, it is best to take preventive measures. Here’s how to avoid ransomware viruses

Enable Security Features


You must have an antivirus and always update it regularly. Since the types of malware are always evolving and getting stronger, a regularly updated antivirus will be able to avoid any bad eventuality. Ransomware doesn’t only attack devices, but websites can also be potentially affected by this malware attack. If you are a website owner, try to have an SSL certificate to help secure your website. Apart from that, make sure you also install the WordPress security plugin for your website.

Routinely Back Up Files

Backing up files is very useful especially to avoid being infected with this virus. Because if all the files are infected and cannot be accessed again, the file backup still keeps the files intact. You can use online or offline storage. If you back up it offline using HDD/SSD, try to keep the storage connected to the infected device.

Routinely Updating the System

The WordPress or Windows system you use should always be updated when the latest version comes out. Do not until later before updating but already preceded by this dangerous virus. Updates work to improve system performance/security and fix errors that occurred in previous versions.

Don’t Open Suspicious Emails

Because this virus can infect via e-mail in the form of links or documents, don’t let you open the e-mail or even click on the contents of the e-mail. Most importantly, don’t mind if you get an email from someone you don’t know. In addition, also avoid accessing websites that are filled with lots of advertisements.